Sunday, February 14, 2021

Linear Actuator, vol3

So.. I realize this actuator is not very good looking, and is pretty inefficient with respect to length (IE stroke length over static length). The main issues causing this are the extra length of the ball screw and the extra length of the motor shaft which are not very useful. I would shorten these if I had a lathe, although I could probably get an 8x10mm coupler if I just hack off the threaded section.

Another factor to the ugliness is that I want to machine the least number of components and I want to use the cheapest, most readily available parts off the internet. So we have the FrankenActuator:

You can tell the back portion is not quite finished yet, as it houses the optical encoder, and nominally another mounting heim.I may also enclose the motor and coupler with some small sheet metal or carbon sheets bolted to the two mounting brackets.

This is one of my first mechanical actuator designs, so I learned a lot and  had a bunch of fun. I am ordering most of the parts now, and will get a prototype together soon. For the three parts that require custom machining: I will 3d print them for now. Theoretically they can all be made on a 3-axis CNC with some small aluminum stock.

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