Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Linear Actuator, vol2

 Okay more progres... I have gone through some churn, and thought about a lot of different designs. I think the most affordable thing to do here is go with some shitty nut brackets and the cheapest Mcmaster parts I can find. Here is what I have so far...


The nut bracket is a 9 dollar chinese part from amazon. I tried designing my own carriage, but the quote that came back from the machining house (xometry and protolabs) was like $300 plus for 3 pieces. I think I can get away with shittier but cheaper parts. Currently there are two parts on this that would require custom machining, but thankfully I think a mill would do fine, and won't require a 5-axis. One hopes.

The next two bits to make are the back housing and the retention bracket. The latter will hold the linear rod and ball screw in place, and firmly attached to the motor housing. These will probably be the most pain in the ass. Let's see what corner cutting and shenanigans I can get away with

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