Saturday, March 6, 2021

Linear Actuator vol4

All the McMaster, eBay, and Amazon parts came in. I still have not worked out my plan to machine the rest of the parts, so they are currently 3D printed. I got access to a machine shop here in LA, which has a couple different CNC machines. They appear to be in all states if disrepair though, and it's unclear if I can really use any of them.

I was too lazy to hook up the driver, so here is a shitty video of the motor hooked up to a drill,

There are already some major flaws here... There should be two linear motion rails to minimize torsion. I also forgot to buy extra collars to keep the linear rods in place. I modified it slightly, and ordered some more components. I don't have the optical encoder in CAD right now, and still need to add the back plate. I have been pretty lazy on this one. But it seems mostly there, the rest of the stuff is small potatoes (I say now...)

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