Wednesday, February 3, 2021

3D Printer Closet

 I have recently been working on my 3D printers (they are creality and therefore always need some sort of tending to..) and decided to put them away in my little Harry Potter closet under the stairs. They look pretty tidy, and I added a bench LED strip as well to keep things lit.

My CR10S-4 required some servicing on the BL touch sensor, so I was able to easily pop out my Ender to work on it. The sensor got bent during a malfunctioning print. I came down one night and found the X carriage belt had consumed the entire print and smooshed the BL touch sensor pretty badly. 

The 10S-4 is still too loud, despite dampers, so I may perform a trinamic motor driver swap. Although it's quite invasive.. maybe there is a mother board upgrade 

1 comment:

  1. highly recommend putting concrete stepping stones underneath those to act as mass dampeners; got two from home depot and the 'lil fellas are practically silent now.