Sunday, February 7, 2021

A Homemade 3D printed deadmau5 head, vol1

So I have been a big fan of the artist deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) for.. well over a decade now? I have always wanted to make a faithful replica of his famous mau5head, so I started. I figured since I have a colossal 3d printer, I might as well take advantage of that. I have split the main head portion into two pieces that can be printed without support, separately. Each print was about 26 hours. I then glued them together with two part epoxy, and will be sanding it down soon. 

I will add primer, and then do a glossy white paint. Once that is finished, I will work on the ears... I still haven't decided if the ears should be printed as well or made of a lighter material. The head is currently made of PLA, about 2.5 ish mm thick... I would love to make some giant PCBs with addressable LEDs on them, so I can make a small spectrum analyzer, but we shall see... I also just want to have it be a cool decorative piece.

Making it more comfortable... I might add some foam and some PC fans. This project is a slow burn one, pretty low priority right now.

I think the goal is to make it look like this: (image from here)


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