About Me

I am a 2x y/o engineer. My BS is in Electrical and Computer engineering from Cornell University with a minor in Aerospace and Archaeology. My MS is in Aerospace Engineering from CU Boulder. I work for a particular reusable launch vehicle rocket company on guidance, navigation, and control (GNC) algorithms. My research interest is optimal guidance algorithm development for entry, descent, and landing spacecraft (when I get time).

Contact me: p s l 5 8 @ cornell . edu. I do consulting work (non-aerospace) from time to time.

Here are some other stuff I try to do / keep up on:
  • robotics
  • electronics design, manufacturing, and embedded systems dev
  • liquid rocket engine development
  • optimization
  • control and estimation theory
  • applied mathematics
  • reusable launch vehicles, VTVL technology 
  • keyboards
  • vintage computing
  • security/hacking
  • archaeology
  • autonomy
  • 3D printing and advanced manufacture
  • digital signal processing
  • sensors
  • embedded linux
  • electronic music synthesis
  • electric motor control