Saturday, November 3, 2018

New Keymap for IBM4704 6113442 Pingmaster

So here I am again procrastinating on my orbital dynamics by working on firmware for antiquited technology.

Here is, imho the best keymap for this keyboard. I have extended the right keys. This means that the backspace now takes up the right most three units, the enter is two keys, and shift is two keys. The Hasu map had some weird function keys there that would get very annoying when you pressed the wrong button.

Go into the keymap_alps102key.c file and use this:

    ESC, 1,   2,   3,   4,   5,   6,   7,   8,   9,   0,   MINS,EQL, BSPC,BSPC,BSPC,     PSCR,SLCK,PAUS,    F1,  F2,  F3,  F4,  \
    TAB, Q,   W,   E,   R,   T,   Y,   U,   I,   O,   P,   LBRC,RBRC,BSLS,     BSLS,       INS, HOME,PGUP,      F5,  F6,  F7,  F8,  \
    CAPS,A,   S,   D,   F,   G,   H,   J,   K,   L,   SCLN,QUOT,GRV, ENT,      ENT,     DEL, END, PGDN,       F9,  F10, F11, F12, \
    LSFT,Z,   X,   C,   V,   B,   N,   M,   COMM,DOT, SLSH,RSFT,RSFT,    RSFT,     NO,  UP,  NO,              F13, F14, F15, F16, \
    LCTL, LGUI,LALT,          SPC,                     RALT,RGUI,               FN0,               LEFT,DOWN,RGHT,    F17, F18, F19, F20  \

Now obviously do as you wish, but I like this setup the most. I might change the function keys on the right later. I really don't use function keys much.

I then edited the Makefile.unimap.alps.rev1 file by deleting the unimap line. We want everything else because we still want the 32u4 etc.

Then remake with make -f Makefile.unimap.alps.rev1 KEYMAP=alps102key
Then ground the RST pin and reflash as per my last entry, and there you go.

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